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East Sussex Green Lane Tours 

byways and green lanes are quite literally dotted all over the country, once upon a time being the main routes between villages and towns but now forgotten by 90% of vehicles who stick to main roads. Despite thoughts otherwise, byways and green lanes are completely legal to use for road-legal vehicles. 

We offer full and half day guided tours of the best green lanes and byways in east Sussex. Our expert tour guides will keep you on track throughout your adventure and have planned our routes carefully for all bikes and abilities making sure everyone has the best experience possible.

Our tour guides are true petrol heads and have been riding these lanes since they were children this gives them in depth knowledge of the land thought the year allowing you a seamless and safe ride every time. Extensive knowledge of where all obstacles are and what conditions to expect in each season means you spend no time back peddling and more time enjoying your ride.


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Legal bit please read and understand

  • East Sussex green lane tours are not liable for any damage to your vehicle throughout the ride, carrying the relevant tools to repair your bike is advised  
  • Green lanes are roads so you will need a road legal bike with valid MOT and insurance, East Sussex green lane tours does not supply you a bike
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn e.g Helmet, Jacket, Trousers and Boots. this is for your safety and comfort the ride can be wet and muddy
  • Green lanes are not motorcross excessive showboating and dangerous riding will not be tolerated and the tour will be cancelled without a refund
  • East Sussex green lane tours are not responsible for any injuries you may receive while on the tour a consent form will need to be signed prior to the tour
  • Supplies are not provided e.g. food, drink and fuel, on a tour stops will take place to refuel both yourself and the bike 
  • and lastly have fun

Pictures From the tour

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